Need a Website with No Muss No Fuss and No Hassles?


So you may be asking… Professor Success, just how does

Glad you asked! Let me explain….


We have an initial consultation to find out about your business and what you want to accomplish.This consultation is free, no obligation.

You get to choose your favorite WordPress theme from our wonderful collection.

We propose a monthly rental fee, and you sign an agreement.

Next we will customize your theme so it is unique to your business.

Then you pay us a very affordable monthly fee and you never have to worry about having your website up and running and hopefully

Professor Success…Is it really that easy?

It certainly is easy for us! Because we have highly skilled web
building gurus on staff that are going to look after all these details….

  • Professional guidance as you assemble and create the content for your site.
  • Totally custom site designed just for your business—your layout, colors, logo, imagery and content, to your complete satisfaction.
  • No hosting fees, because we are going to host your site for you.
  • We are going to add the necessary plug-ins that are going to make your site the best there is.
  • Email set up: so you can use your favorite email service provider.
  • You are going to see just how great your site is doing because we are going to set you up on
    Google Analytics and webmaster.
  • Your Google sitemap will be included so Google can find all your wonderful content.
  • Your site will be coded so it Search Engine Optimized.

This sounds fantastic Professor Success,now
what do I have to do?

Your job is to provide us with the content that you want on your site. We will load the following pages for you as part of our RENT A WEBSITE Program.

Your home page
Your about us page
Your terms and
conditions page
Your contact page
5 Blog pages
Social Media Page

Then after this we will provide you with the basic instructions for adding
pages and new blogs so you can easily add new content

WOW! This is perfect and what do you do me for the low monthly fee that I will be paying you?

Building a website is one thing, but keeping it healthy is another, and that is what your monthly rental fee covers.

We will perform weekly backups of your site just to make sure if something
happens that’s no problem because we can restore it.

And we will do the restoration if there is a need.

We are going to do a weekly site inspect to identify any spam and correct
this so it doesn’t damage your business.

You can consider our highly skilled team here as your virtual policemen. We
are going to monitor and investigate your site on a weekly basis to make
sure it is operating to its fullest capabilities.

Okay Professor Success! Let’s get started,
what do I have to do?

We’re just as excited as you are as we know your new website is going to be a big success. Our RENT A WEBSITE Program requires you to sign a one year contract with us where you will pay the low monthly fee of $49 USD per month.
If you are not able to pay this in one lump sum you are welcome to pay in 3 month increments. At the end of one year you can renew your contract with us, or you can take over site ownership and we will transfer it to a hosting service of your choice.

Yes, I’m interested!

The first step is a short no-obligation conversation for for you to learn more about the program and whether it’s a good fit for you.

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