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WordPress & Joomla Optimization

Our expert team have been working with WordPress and Joomla as both users and developers since their inception, so we know just how to make your CMS-based site run smooth as butter!

Page Speed Optimization Service

With this service we’ll not only perform a full audit of your website’s pages; we’ll also take care of all of the optimizations so you won’t need to lift a finger to provide your site visitors with a top-speed site experience. Leave it to us; your site’s in good hands.

Page Speed Audit

Want to make changes to your site yourself, but unsure of where to start? Our Page Speed Audit service provides detailed analytics of your site performance and breaks down exactly what changes can be made to significantly improve your site’s loading times.

What can we do for you?

We work according to Google and Yahoo guidelines for faster loads and better SEO ranking. Our team will analyze your site from HTML and CSS code to the scripts and graphics to pinpoint all problem areas and making them streamlined and efficient.

Why should I use Speed-Up?

Here’s some of the benefits our complete range of services can provide:

Maximize your sales conversions

Page load time is one of the big factors in deciding whether a user stays on your site or heads elsewhere. In fact, research suggests you have less than 10 seconds to make a good first impressions; the less time spent loading, the more people stick around to see what you have to offer.

Reach your mobile audience

Mobile phones now account for one-in-four of the world’s internet community, and on a typical 3G connection an unoptimized page of just 1.7 MB in size can take nearly a minute to load; if you’re running a responsive, small-screen friendly website, then you’ll want to offer the load times to match.

Improved experience for your customers and visitors

Your existing customers and clients will appreciate a big speed boost across the range of internet-capable devices as it lets them get where and what they want even faster; better, more memorable experiences means more ways to build your site’s reputation through word of mouth.

Your website’s speed is part of your brand

Every interaction your customers have with your company, whether in-person or online, affects their view of your brand. You wouldn’t want to keep a loyal customer waiting if they were right in front of you, and an optimized website can ensure they receive exactly the same service experience in all your interactions.

How fast is your website?

Before deciding whether our services are right for you, take a moment to check out your website’s load times, page speed and ySlow score to see if you’ll benefit from our expertise.

If you score a “C” or worse, then optimization is definitely something you should consider for your site; pick one of our packages and we’ll take care of the rest.

Make your site faster

Don’t wait any longer; put your trust in us. We’ll analyze every area of your site and apply all our recommended changes to get you a high-performance load speed, guaranteed!