Typical Website Maintenance Requests

  • Text changes
  • Add Social Media buttons and links
  • Adding new products or deleting old products
  • Adding and updating links
  • Ensuring product and service descriptions and prices are current
  • Put a YouTube or Vimeo video on your site
  • Adding new photos to your photo gallery
  • Adding the company newsletter
  • Adding Testimonials and FAQs
  • Staff changes or revisions to contact information Minor graphic work
  • Adding or changing photos
  • Product promotions, sales, or coupons
  • Uploading and linking to PDF documents
  • Email Issues & Support
  • Minor Graphic Work
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Protection From Hackers & Spammers

  • All plugin will be updated when new version available and fix any issue arise from the Update.
  • Update to latest version and fix any design or feature related issues.
  • Keep the website up & running with Latest version of software at any time.
  • Block all Spammers Completely.
  • Block Fake registration completely.
  • Malware monitoring, protection, and cleanup.

Regular monitoring and updating to ensure impeccable performance across all major browsers due to the fact that not all browsers render sites in the same way.

protect your emails from spam attacks, which can be troublesome and frequent if not dealt with efficiently.

Regular and thorough backups of your site so that it may be fully restored in case of loss.

Maintenance Packages

USD 30 /mo
USD 50 /mo
USD 70 /mo
Typical Website Maintenance
Website Hosting
Text Changes
Adding Or Changing Photos
Adding New Pages Or Sections
Put A YouTube Or Vimeo Video On Your Site
Add Social Media Buttons
Adding New Products Or Deleting Old Products
Adding The Company Newsletter
Email Issues & Support
Adding And Updating Links, PDFs
Adding Testimonials And FAQs
Staff Changes Or Revisions
Minor Graphic Work
Ensuring Product And Service Descriptions And Prices Are Current
Protection from Hackers & Spammers
All Plugin Will Be Updated When The New Version Available And Fix Any Issue Arise From The Update
Update To The Latest Version And Fix Any Design Or Feature-related Issues
Keep The Website Up & Running With The Latest Version Of The Software At Any Time
Block All Spammers Completely
Block Fake Registration Completely
Malware Monitoring, Protection, And Cleanup

The Benefits of a
Professional Website Maintenance Service

  • Peace of mind – If anything does go wrong, you know you’ve got a back up handy and dandy Looking tip top notch – it’s a pain when they are links on your site that don’t work.
  • Our website content will be updated by professional staff, who are experienced in writing for the web (copywriting).
  • Staff are on hand to sort out any issues you may have.
  • Responsibility for the smooth running of the website is handed to us and we will deal with all technical issues.
  • There are no unforseen costs.

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